Top 10 CV Errors You Must Avoid

Career Advice / Friday, July 5th, 2019

Your CV errors may just be the primary reason it is taking months or even years for some before they find that job. I have shared several CV writing tips or CV mistakes content but with every career fair, I am still astounded by the level of CV errors I come across often.

When it comes to a professional document like a CV, you should ensure there are no errors on it. CV errors are totally unacceptable for any job seeker regardless of level.

Avoid CV errors and always bear in mind that you would present when a recruiter is looking at your CV. There are so many different CV errors that you can make but here are the top 10 CV errors I have noticed with job seekers at job fairs recently, let’s take a look.

My Top 10 CV Errors are as Follows

1. Writing Irrelevant Information: There are quite a bunch of irrelevant information I have seen that would not help you get invited for interviews. Religion, Sex, Age, Specific House Address and many more. Your CV should focus on information that would make it easier for the recruiter to make a decision on you at first citing of your CV.

2. Your CV is not Tailored: Ensure you have a tailored CV to your specific industry or career of choice. Your CV being everywhere would never make you look organised, this would be distracting to recruiters, be specific.

3. You are Wasting Space: Having a chunky CV would never make you a choice candidate. Kindly avoid it and focus on communicating clearly your skills or/and experience.

4. Your Use of Cliches: Using cliche words and statements that aren’t personal to you decreases your chances, research suitable and specific professional language for your industry. There is a list of so many overused words, see a list to avoid here.

5. Don’t Focus on Responsibilities: Focusing on responsibilities does not tell your story of performance on a job, the best deal should be to focus on your achievements. Ensure you are not “garbage in, garbage” out career professional.

cv errors

6. Your CV Aesthetics is Poor: The aesthetic look of your CV is important. Ensure you get your best foot forward at landing that job but don’t focus on design but content. How your CV is arranged and makes it easier on the eyes to read would benefit you.

7. Spelling Errors: Spelling errors are usually the undoing of so many job seekers, get your CV proofread or written by a professional to avoid such CV errors.

8. Unprofessional Emails: I have seen “shawty”, “y2k”, “sweet girl”, “coded max” and many more in email titles. You want to communicate your career and personal brand powerfully.

9. Your CV is not Irrelevant: Ensure your CV is relevant to the job and industry, this is why during my sessions, I always ensure to advise job applicants to often make few edits based on each particular job description before applying.

10. Writing Curriculum Vitae: On a lighter note, I am not making this up and please kindly do not write Curriculum Vitae on your CV, that is the name of the document.

Final Thoughts

I would like to state here that you should not provide your references, wait for when they are requested. You do not want the information of your referees to be out everywhere, it is your responsibility to protect their personal contact and this also helps you manage who reaches out to them with your knowledge.

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