5 Emotional Intelligence Tips For Working Professionals

Career Advice, Inspiration / Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Emotional Intelligence has been given more attention in the workplace in recent years. This is because beyond having the hard skills required to fulfill your job responsibilities. Emotionally intelligent people have better collaboration among teams which makes for the best work and a happier workplace.

The inability to fully understand and tackle human emotion has fully encroached our present society spilling into all areas of life including the workplace. While emotions are expected to be left at the workplace door, doing this has unpleasant effects on firms and workers. Below are the 5 emotional intelligence components you need to be aware and practise.

Self Awareness

This is simply finding out the different components that make you who you are. It is also about identifying the parts of these components that have been damaged or underdeveloped and knowing how they affect your total being, productivity, relationships and overall life journey.

Being fully aware of yourself helps you access and take steps to repair and develop various parts of your being that are not up to par. It also helps you clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses which can make all the difference at work.

Self Management

This is training or developing your mind overtime to receive your feelings as they come and channeling your energy to exhibit the right attitude and behaviour while saying the right words and acting appropriately.

Well managed emotions in the workplace help people interact with colleagues and clients appropriately, responding to issues as opposed to reacting. It also takes into consideration the manner, place, time and persons involved.

Time Management

The ability to utilize a given time to achieve a set goal. The importance of time management in the workplace cannot be overemphasized as meetings have time frames, projects have deadlines and so many other activities compete for our time. It is therefore important to prioritize and manage time effectively at work. See my article on valuable Time Management Tips for Young Professionals.


This is the ability to understand another person’s point of view, feelings and thoughts. Empathy enables you to connect to other people’s feelings.
In the workplace, empathy is important especially at management level or with roles that deal with customer success. It is important to have the capacity to put yourself, feelings and what you know aside to be able to understand the other person’s view and proffer possible solutions. This creates a harmonious environment and promotes customer success.

Relationship Management

This is about influencing other people to behave better and manage their own feelings. An individual that is emotionally competent can very well influence and manage the emotions of others.

This is once again important in the workplace more especially for conflict management, managing friendships and achieving excellent teamwork.

Altogether, having emotional intelligence will make a difference for you at work and help improve your emotional and mental well-being.

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