Facebook Advertising: 5 Ways To Advertise Rightly

Online Marketing / Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Facebook advertising is one of the few ways to beat Facebook’s new algorithm, reach a new audience, grow your following, sell your products or services and keep your page engaged. Whatever your goal for using Facebook advertising, maximizing your ROI is very important.

In my experience, I have seen people waste their monies marketing wrongly on Facebook. There are so many reasons to use it; No other social platform has 2 Billion users yet and it’s arguably the cheapest way of advertising for small business and growing brands. The following are tips you should use to maximise your Facebook advertising

Your Visuals and Copy

For your Facebook advertising ensure your visual materials, are in good quality, they stand you out from the timeline stream but also don’t come off as salesy even when it’s about sales; is it cool, are they the right sizes? These are some of the questions you need to bother asking and answering before going ahead to pay for your ad.

Ensure your texts are short and direct and if they have to be long, ensure that the first 90 characters are very intriguing for users to desire reading further. Find all the latest ad types, sizes and copy character limits here.

Think Like The User

No matter how great the message, service or product you are selling, it is important for you to envisage and think like your user. If you love big sounding words in your construction over being simple, does your audience? Your ad message needs to speak to everyone, at least everyone in the core of people you targeting.

Set Your Ad Goal

Ensure you set your ad goal before you advertise on Facebook. This could range from reach, following, engagement ( comment, likes, shares), leads, sales and more. Define what makes any of these goals a success, if you wanted to collect 100 leads and reached an 80 leads mark would you consider it a success or not. Be clear.

Target Wisely

If you are selling handbags, the core of your target would be young ladies within a certain age, location who have the financial capability and a smaller core of your target may include men in a certain age, location and affordability who maybe single/married, could buy the bag for their lovely girlfriend/wife.

Decide your target audience and market to them wisely. Your targeting could include more than one metric to ensure you have the right set of audience but never run your ads openly as this is a waste.

Monitor and Optimise

When you advertise on Facebook, ensure you monitor frequently, even if the ad is performing greatly. Optimise it to perform better. This is one of the advantages of digital over traditional marketing, you can be specific with your audience or niche when advertising but also optimising while improving your ad performance.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Advertising

Don’t just do it for doing sake, many businesses and individuals are marketing right with Facebook advertising, you too should. Always be user-centric when doing facebook advertising and let this inform your ad.

Have you had any questions, challenges or successes using Facebook ads, kindly share below.

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