Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Online Marketing / Friday, October 26th, 2018

Whether your business should be on Facebook is no longer the right question to ask but rather what Facebook marketing ideas are you implement to grow your SME.

We all have a Facebook profile but if you don’t, with Facebook’s over 2 Billion active users currently, my bet is that you know someone who does. A solid Facebook presence would lead to sales and referrals for it but it all begins with your strategy.

Strategy helps you stay with an intent, a focus on attainable goals and these Facebook marketing ideas will ensure brand visibility, engagement and sales. Let’s look the following Facebook marketing ideas for your small or medium sized business.

Use A Facebook Group

Your Facebook marketing goals would define if you have to start with a group or not. Most small businesses use Facebook groups to provide personalised engagement with their customers and create an audience for themselves.

In some cases, it can be used as a tool for advocacy for your services/products. Facebook groups usually have high-level engagement with the right content. It allows you room for more immediate feedback and testimonials. However, it limits you from paid advertising except for when you are promoting your Facebook group which would lead to more visibility of the group.

Create A Facebook Page

A page offers you the exposure to the entirety of Facebook’s community. When used rightly for small business marketing, it is a tool to improve your businesses SEO, collect leads, branding, increase your website traffic (if any) to name a few.

You can sell directly from your Facebook page and also receive reviews from customers.

Post Engaging Content

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Posting relevant and engaging content is a Facebook marketing ideas goldmine. The mistake most small business make is to sell, sell and sell. Facebook’s recent change of algorithms has made even a bit more tasking for pages to market your services or goods without engaging content, kindly invest in it.

Your sales copy needs to be able to attract prospective customers to buy without screaming sales, sales but rather showing value. Customers are more educated now than ever, have access to more options and so, beyond parting ways with their money, they want to learn what else you are offering them. Invest in offering value and communicating it.

Use Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads remain the cheapest social media site ads followed by Instagram, well it is also owned by them. Using them offer you a whole new reach beyond the followers on your business page. The good thing about marketing with Facebook ads is, it allows your business even with its little following to have more reach.

Most small business owners complain about their Facebook ads not converting, this in most cases is as a result of their ads content, targeting or their inability to convert leads collected. I will advise you to hire a professional to help you set up your ads.

Don’t Just Sell

A business is always in business to make money by adding value to its clients and customers. Ensure that on your Facebook page or group doesn’t just sell but also rewards your community. You can offer rewards via giveaways and other competitions.

Rewards are a great opportunity for converting customers to brand advocates. It is also important that your small business is invested in a social cause important to your online or local business community.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Marketing Ideas

In my professional marketing experience, I have these ideas implemented for small and medium scale businesses which led positive impact in sales, engagement, brand loyalty and branding.

You don’t have to start with every idea listed here but all have their benefits for your business. Make sure to create a goal sheet for your small business Facebook marketing and identify how some of the things listed here can help you grow your business to its next level.

Start implementing today.

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