How to Find Internship Jobs

Career Advice / Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Internships are a great way to learn about an industry you are interested in before you can kickstart your career either as a fresh graduate or an experienced professional seeking a career change. The question for most people usually is how do I find internship jobs?

For experienced professionals, an internship job would help you demystify the industry, job role and ensure you gain hands-on experience before going into it as a fulltime job. 

There may be a different scenario for fresh graduates. I always advise them to go for 2-3 internships, before choosing a career to build on. Such an opportunity, if utilised can help develop your skills as well as choosing a job you love.

In my opinion, internship jobs should be compulsory for all undergraduates, especially from their 2nd year at all tertiary-level institutions. This would help bridge the gap both for the individual as well as for employers looking to hire qualified and quality talent. Let us take a look at proven tactics for landing your next internship.

Starting Around You

The best place to begin searching for an internship is to start around you. By starting around, I mean starting with organisations near you as well as asking your family, friends and mentors for possible internship positions. When doing this, kindly consider that internship jobs aren’t well salaried, to enable interns the ability to afford some costs associated with going to and fro work, as well as other expenses. Starting with the opportunities might be the avenue to land your next intern job opportunity.

Send Cold Emails

Research to identify organisations in the industry of interest to send cold emails. In most cases, they would need interns, but you must make it worth their while, to be offered the opportunity to intern. Remember, cold emails are usually unsolicited from a sender to a receiver, but if you prove you can provide value and get their attention, sell your skills smartly to get an opportunity for an interview. When sending cold emails, it is always important to identify a need you can fill or a value you can provide.

Job Boards to Find Internship Jobs

Use niche job boards that focus on advertising internship jobs as well as the broader ones. Set specific job alerts for the intern roles of interest and apply as soon as you get notified for any vacancy that fits your interest.

Use Career Fairs

One of the things I love about career fairs is the human connection and networking they provide. It is always of immense value if you know how to maximise such opportunity. Attend career fairs to pitch to an organisation that may be hiring interns or for a CV drop in their database for future internship opportunities. Career fairs will also help you to network with mentors, HR and other professionals


LinkedIn, as well as other social media channels can help you land find internship jobs. Remember to make posts and indicate via your headline that you are seeking for an intern opportunity and you might never know, information of one, might be just one social connection away.

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Finding internships is no mean feat, but it is very doable. For students or fresh graduates, it is more efficient to start early to apply for intern positions before the period you would require one. 

As an experienced professional looking for an internship opportunity for a career switch, ensure to sell your transferable skills and use your present or past networks to expedite your search to find internship jobs.

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