Where to Find Jobs Online in Nigeria

Career Advice / Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

We are able to find jobs online; it is something to be grateful about.  If you are in doubt about this, ask an older professional or colleague how they found jobs and you will be amazed. Even with access to the internet in the late ’90s, the job search was excruciatingly a tough task for job seekers.

Getting jobs online has come a long way due to our innate innovativeness as humans but many still find it difficult as to where to find jobs online. If you are still curious about where to find jobs online, then please continue reading.

Job Boards

A job board is a website where employers can go to advertise their open positions and job seekers can go to search for open positions and apply to be shortlisted and invited for interviews and be hired.

There are several job boards in Nigeria.  Top on the list are Jobberman, NG careers, Joblists, Hot Nigeria jobs and My Job Mag.

Job boards have evolved over the years with so many features. According to recruitment trends, Jobberman allows you to have a career profile on their platform, which helps them advertise you to employers even when you are not applying.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and intending professionals. I used the word intending because undergraduates can use it as well to build a network and market themselves before they graduate and start searching for jobs.

LinkedIn is also used by employers to find candidates and to market their brands to intending employees as well as for other B2B needs.

With over 610 million members and 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily, LinkedIn is the platform for every professional. With a complete profile and strategy, you will not only find jobs on LinkedIn but as well build your career and network.

Google Jobs

Google jobs is basically an all in one jobs aggregator. An aggregator is a tech term for a website or program that collects related items as required and displays them in one place. According to the FAQ’s on Google For Jobs, it uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and integrations with job boards to make it possible for jobs to be seen in Google search results, and to be found more easily despite the variety of titles a job may have. It has the potential to bring a lot more visibility to job posts.

This allows you to set a notification for jobs by location, title and/or industry and once they are posted, you get notified to apply.

Company Websites

Certain companies still prefer hiring candidates via their own website. The available jobs are usually advertised on their careers or blog page for qualified candidates to apply. To find such jobs, you need to visit the careers page of the organisation you wish to work for and check out if they have vacancies advertised.

Jobs on Facebook

The largest social media site in the history of social media launched a feature that allows organisations to advertise for jobs and hire candidates from their Facebook page. While it is not being largely utilised in Nigeria, I have seen a couple of SMEs hire with this feature onFacebook. I predict it will grow in the years to come or maybe not.


A forum is an online message board which allows users to hold conversations. The most notable I would mention in Nigeria and arguable as well across Africa is Nairaland. My advice on using forums for job search is always for the individual to tread carefully, as a lot of scams usually happens on forums.

Final Thoughts on Find Jobs Online

Other channels worthy of mention are Twitter, Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups and aggregators like Sokoso are some other examples of places online where you can find your next job.
If you have a strategy and a good job search profile, it would be only a matter of finding the right opportunities on any of the places I have listed here and getting invited for an interview.

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