Gender Pay Gap: How Women Can Negotiate Better Salary

Career Advice / Monday, October 1st, 2018

Gender pay gap is the difference in the remuneration of male and female employees in a workplace after doing the same equal work. This disparity in pay and how outrageous it can get differ according to industry and countries.

This has become a great concern around the world, there has been several studies and research which show that it is not just a buzzword and it surely affects employee productivity.

Paying anyone more or less because they are of a particular gender is outrightly unjust. The 2018 Best 100 Companies To Work For in Nigeria report confirms pay discrepancies between men and women in Nigeria.

Although other studies have shown that women have poorer negotiating skills, let’s take a look at ways women can negotiate better salaries in the workplace.

Get Informed

Whether you are going in for an interview or already on a job and due to ask for improved pay, get informed about the pay differences.  This would help you decide how to negotiate, what is acceptable and where to draw the line.

A common mistake prospective employees make especially during interviews is going in blindly about what pay range is being offered and what their expectation based on their career experience and the value they are bringing, ensure you define this.

Ensure You Ask

In the words of Nora Roberts “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place”. The key to better salary is asking, research and find out what the right channels or period are; during a performance review, promotion or anytime. Don’t hesitate to ask when you find out.

Focus on Value

It is important to go before your employer with facts about the value you bring. Compile your verifiable achievements for your organisation and focus on the value this adds, where necessary if the involve revenue, ensure to state your claim.

Keep it Professional

When requesting for better salary to close the discrepancies in gender pay gap, keep it professional and ensure not make it personal. Emotions that put your professionalism at risk should have no place in such requests or discussion. Ensure to keep such requests about getting what you deserve or want for the value you provide.

Final Thought On Gender Pay Gap

I believe the entry point of your job is critical to closing the gap for women. Having the value an employee seeks you out for puts you in a power position to negotiate for the right. Fret not or don’t give in because you are a woman. Ensure you always enter the place of negotiation with better knowledge of what industry standards are juxtaposing same with your job demands, your experience and value you bring to the table.

When moving from an organisation, it is highly unethical to submit your payslip for it to be used to determine what salary to be offered by your new employer, don’t give in to it. Better legislation is needed to fast close the pay gap discrepancies but it is also important that before this happens, always put yourself in situations that serve you better.

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