Influencer Marketing: 6 Tips Optimise Your Campaigns

Online Marketing / Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Influencer marketing is a marketing concept of getting your target market to take actions like buy, engage your brand, product or service via the influence of another individual has over them.

According to a recent study, 78% of fashion companies are implementing the tactic. I bet you have seen Nike’s recent Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams Ad, Adesua Etomi and Ebuka’s for H20, Annie and Her Idibia family. I am sure if you took a look at your Instagram or Twitter timeline, you will find one form of influencer marketing campaign or the other.

The advent of technology has made many marketers think influencer marketing is a new marketing concept but in reality, it is as old as any traditional marketing strategy you can think about. The psychology of consumer buying habits is that people would always take action faster if someone whom they admire, respect or has influence over them is doing same.

Influencer marketing when done right is one of the most effective ways of reaching a new core of your target audience with your marketing campaigns. In recent times, what I have witnessed is a huge drive by influencer accounts on social media with a huge fake following or a lot of real following that they (influencer) do not have a real influence over.

Whatever marketing campaign you carry out with such influencers is bound to have less reaching results compared to their following. Whether you are a marketing professional or business owner looking to implement any form of influencer marketing, here are tips I implement to ensure I optimise my marketing campaigns and you too should.

Choose The Right Influencerinfluencer marketing

The key to having successful influencer marketing campaigns is choosing them wisely. Research, juxtapose the influencers likely audience profile with your target audience, are they a fit? You should also ensure to check and avoid influencers who a large amount of their core audience are fake followers.

Be thorough at looking at their follower counts and how much engagement rate and reach they have.

Agree, Monitor and Measure Metrics

Ensure you agree with your chosen influencer what key performance metrics you will be measuring and tracking your campaign by on and if possible ask for a project report when they are done.

It is important that to monitor and track your campaigns while they are on-going, this can help you can optimise the content or timeline to ensure outcomes are more favourable.

Your Social Media Channelsinfluencer marketing

What social media marketing channels are you using for your influencer marketing campaigns? Having your audience on LinkedIn and going to market on Twitter makes a mess of your marketing effort, check for your right channels.

Ensure to have a mix of channels instead of using influencers only on Twitter or Instagram. How about a mix of both channels and other platforms, such would lead to a more successful campaign.

Avoid Hashtags Use Key Words

I have had my frustration with the use of hashtags during influencer marketing campaign as far back as June 2016 when I shared “Hashtag Marketing: Top 4 Mistakes Nigerian Brands Make In The Bid To Trend On Twitter” my Linkedin, but you will be shocked most of those mistakes continue till date.

Hashtags especially on platforms like Twitter scream marketing while you are seeking to be subtle. Influencer marketing isn’t influencer marketing if you are all out in your consumers to face, you might as well run paid ads.

Focus on the use of keywords for your influencer marketing rather than hashtags.

Use Quality Content Not Adsinfluencer marketing

Creative, quality and on-brand content always perform better than having the same boring texts and designs. Get your influencer to get creative with some storytelling strategy, videos, memes and ensure your message isn’t boring, repetitive like what I find on most hashtags especially on Twitter.

Think about how your content and messaging makes your target users feel.

Age of Video

The importance of video in this age should not be under-estimated in your marketing efforts. Adding a video content to your influencer marketing list would be a difference.  Whether it be for youtube or just video content for any of the other social media platform, the use of video is important.

Final Thoughts on Influencer Marketing

Building lasting influencer relationships is important as the human and emotive connection to your brand would make them do and connect more with you.

Whenever you are implementing your influencer marketing strategy, look beyond vanity metrics like trending especially on platforms like Twitter. Trends don’t last as there are some many conversations happening simultaneously which would likely kick you off the trend map quickly.

Focus your efforts on more substantial results, like sessions for website traffic, engagement, increase in sales and more.

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