6 Jobberman Job Search Tips For Job Seekers

Career Advice, Inspiration / Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Jobberman is Nigeria’s foremost jobs portal that is poised with providing a platform for employers to reach job seekers. It simply solved the challenge employers were faced with reaching professionals across the different states in Nigeria.

As West Africa’s most popular job site and one of Africa’s best job site, Jobberman began in August 2009 by Ayodeji Adewunmi and his friends Opeyemi Awoyemi and Olalekan Olude.

I have searched, applied and found jobs on the platform in the past, here are my Jobberman job search tips that have helped me land several interviews and jobs via the website.

Complete Your Profile

Endeavour to have a complete profile as it is very beneficial because unlike other platforms in Nigeria it has other features that allow employers to look at prospective candidates to interview without posting a job.

Fill out all the necessary sections, use a quality profile image, job title, indicate your location, availability, salary expectation but ensure you have your profile at 100% because puts you in the pool and instantly see by employers.

Use Cover Letters

Don’t just send your CV when applying for a job without optimizing your chances of being invited to an interview with a cover letter.

Get creative, tell a story with your cover letter and do not just paste the same information the recruiter would read off your CV because most recruiters look for candidates who stand out.

Writing a cover letter is not a waste of time, many recruiters will open and scan through, keep it concise but interesting for them.

Apply for Jobs You Qualify

Yes, you might never meet all the requirements for a job sometimes but sincerely there is no need to apply for a managerial level job when you are an entry-level job seeker, it doesn’t add up. I also believe you should not be terrified to apply for jobs your skills and years of experience just come short of a few difference.

Narrow Down Your Search

Jobberman website allows you to filter down your job search to the different category or industry, also decide on the particular job you are looking for as not to be swayed by the many vacancies on their website. Be specific with your job search, it makes your focus on opportunities easier.

Subscribe to Email

Subscribe to email, social media, WhatsApp and all other channels to ensure you stay updated with current job alerts in Nigeria from them. Another tip I would like to mention here is that you should schedule twice or thrice a week to check new job posts on their website and apply appropriately.

Save Your CV

Always have an updated copy of your CV saved on the Jobberman website. I frequently update my CV every 3-6 months to ensure I am not using an outdated CV when applying for jobs on the website, you too should. Name your CV rightly, for example using (Princewill Akuma CV) helps recruiters track your application when they receive it.

Use Jobberman Free Jobs Appjobberman job search tips

I am adding this here as an update to this article because Jobberman just relaunched its free jobs mobile app for Android users. The app is available for download from Google Play store. My first impression using the app I found out it allowed you access to the thousands of jobs, create job alerts, save job vacancies to view them later, create or edit your profile and many more. Download it today.

Conclusion on Jobberman Job Search Tips

I first joined the platform in 2012, since then I have landed on the least 4 jobs via their website alone and several interviews. I would recommend the platform to any Jobseeker, these Jobberman job search tips are tested and I am very certain if you follow them through after reading this, you will well soon be on your way.

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