Stutern’s Nigerian Graduate Employability Report

Career Advice / Monday, October 8th, 2018

The Nigerian graduate employability report is an annual fact-finding study by Nigeria’s fast-growing online platform that connects interns with employers, Stutern. This year’s report is filled with a lot of insights both for policymakers but, more especially, the Nigerian graduate which would be my major focus.

There is a widespread under-compensation of Nigerian graduates at our local companies and further look at the reports shows that majority of Nigerian graduates are not studying courses that would make them employable in the country.

According to this year’s Nigerian graduate employability report, 60% of new graduates earn less ₦50,000 ($139) as a first job monthly salary. A deeper look revealed that 1 in 5 graduates earn below ₦20,000 as a first job monthly salary. Less than 3% earn ₦200,000 and above.

Graduates employability has been a major conversation among employers of labour in the country. The study revealed that graduates from Covenant University are the most employable graduates in the country. The University of Ilorin ranks as the top University in terms of return on investment based on salary earned and tuition paid.

More than 50% of graduates disclosed that communications skill (written and spoken), as well as knowledge of the skill they studied, are the two least skills their academic education prepared them with.

My Thoughts On Nigerian Graduate Employability Report
1. Employability: refers to the ability of a graduate to find, retain, and obtain new employment exclusively via their skills. Looking at the report to be more employable as a Nigerian graduate, upskill and narrow your job search to a specific industry or job. Find and develop skills in high demand areas.
2. Gender Bias: Unemployment gender biased as female graduates suffer the most. For entry-level female professionals, find mentors, develop your skills, and use internships as your career accelerator.
3. Salary: The Nigerian workplace is ridden with poor salaries but while this needs to change, your negotiation skills could just make a difference in getting an improved salary offer for yourself. Speak to other professionals, research industry salary rate and don’t go in blind or short-change yourself especially if you have the right skills.
4. Top Choice Companies: Andela has really had a fantastic run leading up to 2018 to be a top competitor for the best place to work in Nigeria and employer with the best opportunities for employees. For graduates, do not focus only on traditional companies, find opportunities in organisations that would ensure your career growth and acceleration. If possible start as an intern.
5. Marketing Ranks Top: As a marketing professional, I am elated the report alludes to the fact that there are a lot of opportunities are in marketing for fresh graduates, if you have the passion and interest to develop the right skills you will find a job in no time.
6. Most Employable University Graduates: Congratulations to Covenant University for leading the pack here but worthy of mention for me is that two other non-private institutions; the University of Nsukka and the University of Ibadan come in at second and third positions respectively.

To all Nigerian graduates, reports like this should not leave you in a panic mode but, help you to make better-informed decisions. A University degree is great but alone, not enough, having the right skills makes it greater, be steadfast and best wishes.

Find the complete Nigerian graduate employability report from Stutern here.

2 Replies to “Stutern’s Nigerian Graduate Employability Report”

  1. Good day sir, please I do have a question to ask and I need an urgent reply to it. I’m a graduate of business administration whom wants to build a career in human resource and project management. I’m about rounding up my Nysc program and I’m 5 months pregnant. My fear right now is that will companies want to employ a pregnant/ young nursing mother? Please do help relieve me of this bugging question, thank you sir.

    1. Hello Komommo,
      Do not fret, I would advise focussing on developing yourself during your pregnancy post-NYSC period. Find an internationally recognised HR certification and/or project management course you can take. Once you’re certified, your next step post-pregnancy would be to start looking for internship-opportunity to kick-start your career. Kindly, reach-out to me via Linkedin if you have further clarification and a well-planned action to follow. You’re at a good place to attain your career goals, please do not fear because the right company will employ you.
      Best Regards.

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