4 Ways To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Advice, Inspiration, Online Marketing / Thursday, October 25th, 2018

To optimise your LinkedIn profile is important for success on the platform. Whether you are searching for a job, looking for mentors, volunteering, building your brand or networking. Having an optimised LinkedIn profile would help you reach your goals quicker.

LinkedIn is the world’s go-to social media platform for professionals with it’s over 460 million users. It is only right that if you have to use the platform to reach your career goals, make sure to do it rightly. Here are 4 ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

1. Define Your Strategy

Like any social network being found would as a result of many things like having a complete profile, your activity and more. You need to define your strategy and goals you want to reach by using LinkedIn, this would inform your choice of whom you choose to add to your network, your activity per week and more.

Focus on professional and ethical conducts always because remember your activity appears on others their timeline. Focus on conversations that add positively to you and your network. Except you are a politician, stay away from negative political banter on LinkedIn.

2. Choosing Right Keywords

SEO is everything on a platform like LinkedIn, choosing the right keywords for your profile headline would increase your chances of being found especially in the case where recruiters are looking for professionals in your field/industry.

Use terms and titles that are peculiar and common to the role recruiters would be seeking you out for first.

3. Write An Impactful Summary

Show how impactful but result-driven you are with your LinkedIn profile summary. This is also a very interesting place to sell yourself, achievements and skills to anyone looking. Be crisp, concise as possible and also remember to make the information here easier for anyone reading especially on mobile.

Avoid putting the same information from you have on your CV in this section.

4. Get Endorsed Rightly

Ask for endorsements from your present and past managerial or supervisory level colleagues, this gives testimonial references to your work, skills and jobs achievements.

Conclusion on Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

According to LinkedIn, people that have a 100% complete profile are 40 times more likely to be found than those who don’t, head over now and optimise your LinkedIn profile today.


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