5 Benefits of Peer Pressure to Young Persons

Inspiration / Monday, February 25th, 2019

Peer pressure is a social behaviour that most people tend to deal with at some points in their lives. Whether they admit it or not, it can range from a friend deciding on an outfit to an event or to living a lifestyle you can’t afford because others in your peer group are doing or have it.

For young persons, theirs can stem from various avenues. Suffice to say that peer pressure can either be positive or negative. It ranges from spoken to unspoken and have various effects depending on how resistant you can be as an individual facing peer pressure.

So whether it is at work, business, relationship and other spheres of life, one important life mechanism is to find the positive in every situation. You may be wondering how peer pressure can be positive? Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of peer pressure:

Encourages Excellence: Being with people who are smarter or better than you in a particular area can rub off and start to change your behavioural patterns positively. If peer pressure compels you to team up with a person for self-development reasons you would come out of the situation more experienced.

peer pressure

Feedback and Advice: If you feel pressured on certain things from an individual, it might be time to look inward to see if there are bits of truth to be addressed. In most cases, the person being pressured might be having the wrong world view about his or her peers. The kind of feedback given by close peers are personalized and would not be given by an outsider.

New Experiences: Peer pressure can lead you to have new experiences. People come from various backgrounds and therefore emerge with diverse experiences and somehow want their friends or peers to experience such. It might come off as pressure but we get to have a different view of our world.

Friendships and Connections: To experience peer pressure in the first place, there have to be one or more persons involved. People tend to introduce people they know to other people. This is how connections are formed and bonds created. So, even if the pressure is present, you may be making new connections and creating lasting friendships.

Positive Examples: If peers can create negative examples for you to follow, then there could also be positive examples that can be emulated. Having people around you that portray certain positive traits can influence you to emulate them. Even peers you have never met can be good role models.

Final Thoughts on Peer Pressure

Watching somebody your age do well in business or arts can inspire you to go after your own dream. If they can do it, so can you.

Whether directly or watching from a distance and emulating is great but make sure you aim for higher. Either way, it is important to remember that you are directly responsible for your life actions and you have a choice to emulate or be influenced positively or negatively. See you at the top!

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