Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Career Advice / Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Becoming a great real estate agent in Nigeria is an easy task if you accompany your interest in the sector with loads of strategic work, sales skills, networking, negotiating skills and empathy.

In my experience of developing a marketing strategy for professionals and organisations in the sector, only the real estate agents who show empathy and truly care for their clients’ needs perform the best.

There are several opportunities in the sector and with high unemployment rates in Nigeria, the industry presents great opportunities for anyone seeking to take on a new career in the sector.

Train Yourself

Self-development is the key to success in every industry. Your communication, networking sales and negotiation skills need to be top-notch to succeed as a realtor regardless of whatever qualification or degree you have or don’t.

To begin your journey as a real estate agent in Nigeria, I do advise you to intern at any top real estate organisation for 3-6 months. This gives you hands-on experience about the industry and helps you to build key industry relationships.

Learn all the right industry jargons, be curious and teachable afterwards you can go independent or seek paid employment at any real estate firm or become an independent realtor.

I would also advise a sales certification training that combines telesales strategy as well as negotiation skills.

Know Your Technology

Research and know what industry tools and technology that would enhance your job as a realtor. What top property sites are best for listing your property in Nigeria, who has the most competitive ad rates, what tools can you use to improve your productivity and stay ahead of the competition?

Endeavor to also extend your training to social media for real estate marketing and create a strategy suitable for you to implement.

Brand Yourself

After you train and learn all about your practice and technology, brand yourself both for online and offline purposes. Focus on your name, face and content to create a theme for your personal branding everywhere.

Ensure everyone you come across in your neighborhood learns that you are the latest realtor in town, they may not have the need for your service to find an apartment soon or have one for rent/sale. Trust me, even in this age of digital, your local neighborhood is very key to your success.

Check out my article on google my business, this is very efficient for local business marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

I had earlier mentioned empathy, this is very important for customer on-boarding, retention and getting a lot of referrals.

Finally, have a met realtors who do not charge clients any upfront fees till there’s a decision either to rent or make a purchase, this helps them stay ahead on converting leads.

So, whether across urban and non-urban cities, a career as a real estate agent pays.

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  1. This is a good very piece.
    Now I have idea of what real estate is all about,
    also aware that you can actually start such a business
    with zero capital.


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