5 Relocation Nurse CV and Resume Tips for Registered Nurses

Career Advice / Sunday, September 12th, 2021

Your relocation nurse CV or resume can make the difference between getting interview opportunities to showcase your experience, skills and why you are the best candidate for the job.

If you are reading this, you are a nurse and on the path of moving to a new country to grow your career abroad. Having a suitable CV would incredibly increase your chances of being hired.

A relocation nurse CV is quite different from other typical CVs; hiring organisations require you to include specific details and ensure they are in the proper format of your target relocation destination. For example, in some countries, the information needed for your relocation CV would be required in tabular or non-tabular, word only formats.

This article looks at five relocation nurse CV or Resume tips for registered nurses seeking to grow their careers.

Tip 1: Create an ATS Compliant CV

When creating your relocation CV, you must ensure that it is an ATS complaint. This is because often, the employer would receive many CVs via an applicant tracking system which would rank the best CVs based on parameters set by the employer.

The good news is that these parameters are included in the skills and the minimum requirements for the job captured on the advertised job description. Take your time to peruse the job description and see what you might have skipped.

Doing this always before sending out your CV will surely make a lot of difference to landing more interview opportunities than the average job seeker.

Tip 2: Provide a Detailed Work Experience

Describe your work experience in a manner that would have all questions and doubts answered before the prospective employer decides to schedule you for an interview.

Did you know that being scheduled for an interview means you’ve been considered fit for the job? You only need to demonstrate and communicate the perceived value during the chat.

Your detailed work experience would capture the correct dates, company description, location and other insightful information on your experience that juxtaposes your experience with the demands of the jobs you are applying for during your relocation.

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Tip 3: Capture Your Career Achievements

I have noticed with Registered Nurses how they struggle to capture their achievements in their CVs for relocation. This is one essential part of your relocation resume to ensure you were not just doing the bare minimum on the job.

How differently did you provide care on the job to patients? How did you innovate processes and patient management at the organisations you’ve worked for?

Think deeply about these things and capture these things and any volunteer or self-development initiatives you took on the job.

Tip 4: Don’t Exaggerate Your Experience or Skills

This actually should be top of the list for me; I am big on integrity because it ensures that, in the long run, your growth trajectory does not stall.

No exaggerating your experience ensures you eventually get a job that fits and opens you up to perform, learn and grow immensely in your career.

The reason you should also not exaggerate your experience or skills is that 3 out of 4 HR managers have caught a lie on a CV, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder report. Of course, it is 2021, but I promise you most organisations now have access to background verification services and tools to verify every claim from a prospective employee, stay sincere.

Tip 5: List Your Relevant Skills

Not just RN’s but most professionals are guilty of listing irrelevant skills on their relocation CV when applying for an advertised job.

The best way to optimise your CV, regardless if it would be reviewed by a recruitment manager or an Applicant Tracking System, is to ensure that you have listed only relevant skills per the role advertised.

Bonus Tip: Provide Detailed Personal Infomation

As a bonus hack, please ensure you provide detailed personal information on your date of birth, gender, phone, email, address, as well as relevant references.

Final Thoughts

I have been preview to the hiring consulting process for nurse relocation recruitment to certain countries abroad. If you are in the process or considering doing so, ensure your CV does not hinder your progress, I hope this helps you optimise your CV, best wishes.

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