5 Avoidable Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Online Marketing / Thursday, September 6th, 2018

There is a lot of social media marketing mistakes your brand, startup or SME should avoid when building it’s following on social media to ensure brand loyalty, engagement and/or sales over time.

The power of social media cannot be overstated, this is why it is important to avoid quick-fix social media marketing tactics as they don’t lead to lasting success. Here are some of social media marketing mistakes to avoid the following.

1. Buying Following and Likes

There are so many reasons why buying social media likes are bad for your reputation and social media marketing tactics. One example is the recent Twitter Purge were 70 million user accounts were suspended in May and June. This leads to a lot of individual and business pages losing a large chunk of their following.

Social media following or likes while important are vanity metrics and regardless of platform. What you want is having the right content to engage and build your brand to its target audience.

2. Style and Strategy

Creating a social media style book that guides what your do’s and don’ts would ensure your marketing efforts are on brand. When clearly defined, this ensures that regardless of the account manager or agency, how your brand would communicate online what bests suits its target audience, what posting times, days work and what kind of content you should use or not.

3. Not Choosing Trending Topics Wisely

Trending topics create a great opportunity for your brand, startup or SME to reach a new audience in its engagement strategy. While this is an important strategy, ensure you do not jump on every trending topic, it may suit another brand their voice and identity but not yours.

Be choosy with what trends you choose but also important to avoid sensitive trends that dehumanise or can present you in a negative light. Avoid being cliche, stand out

4. Resolving Queries Customers on Timeline

The customer is right always or always right whichever way you think about this statement, it is important that your brand, startup or SME when there are issues bothering of poor services, bad reviews, a rant and others, kindly take the conversation offline or private. A recent report says 36% will shame you publicly, 1 in 3 will switch to a competitor, pretty certain no brand wants this.

A call or a private message will give you more understanding and how to go about resolving the customer ‘rants’, don’t be defensive. Show empathy but take it off the timeline if you can’t resolve it in one reply.

5. Target Audience Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Not defining your target audience means you are speaking to everyone and no one. Be specific, be clear about your core this will help you define your strategy and how to implement it. You want to build up your core audience over time with a sustainable strategy and continuous learning of what works and what doesn’t for your brand, quit the vanity metrics and short-term strategy.

In conclusion, social media marketing on a platform like Facebook, you may have to incorporate facebook marketing in your strategy. Be strategic in all your brand marketing efforts, think long-term, not short-term only because remember the internet never forgets.

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