4 Time Management Tips for Young Professionals

Career Advice, Inspiration / Tuesday, December 18th, 2018
Good time management has got to be a superpower lacking for young working professionals. Having to juggle between work, family, personal activities and rest time is almost an extreme sport. Like many would say “adulting is hard”.
Here are my four time management tips to living a sane life despite having everything competing for your attention in the workplace and beyond as a young professional.

Manage Your Time

Everyone desires to be better at time management. Do you take out time to plan out your activities for the day and week? Many people often feel overwhelmed on the first day of the week. This is because people that do not take out time to plan always work in attack mode. They start off by trying to do everything that seems urgent at the same time. A new research finds that people are more likely to prioritize less important tasks when there is a sense of urgency.
If you take a closer look to analyse the seemingly urgent tasks, many of them are not that important. At the start of the week, make sure to categorize your tasks in order of priority and deadlines. This way you can allow time for each of them on your week’s calendar which could invariably increase productivity and help make workflow easier.

Follow The Two Minutes Rule

Have you felt like different tasks keep piling up and all of a sudden everything is due and you skip some? The first part of the popular two minutes rule states that ‘If it takes less than two minutes, do it now’. So, when you come across tasks like forwarding an email to a colleague, instead of putting it off for later, why not just do it immediately? Or If you remembered a family member’s birthday, instead of making a mental note to call them in the evening, why not send a quick text immediately so just in case you didn’t remember to call, at least you sent a message.

Avoid Time Management Distractions

Have you ever battled with a huge workload and still catch yourself veering off to social media like Twitter or Instagram in the midst of it all? Those are actually big distractions unless your tasks actually require social media to be completed. So, how do you put these distractions away? Would you put a bowl of ice cream in front of a child and not expect it to be eaten? Exactly! You need to make conscious efforts to stay away from these distractions. For example, restricting those social media sites from your work computer within stipulated hours. So even if you unconsciously veer, you won’t get access.

Reward Yourself

Finally, my last tip is to reward yourself as at when due. If you’re able to set out tasks for the week and complete them efficiently and in time, make an effort to reward yourself with a gift or quality rest. Rest is actually very important for our overall well-being. That’s why companies make sure to give their employees stipulated weeks annually to get rest. No matter how extraordinary your role is, you need to rest time after time to keep alive.
I hope you learnt a thing or two, feel free to add any other time management tip that has been extremely useful to you in the comment section.

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