2020 Has Been A Lot: A Review or Not?

Inspiration / Thursday, December 31st, 2020

The year of the pandemic and many more… 2020 has been a lot!

And stating doesn’t capture the depth of how excruciatingly painful and blessed this year turned out to be.

Yes, blessed it was a blessing also for me in several areas, surprising right?

Staying positive can be challenging, but what do you do when that’s all you can?

I learnt several lessons with staying positive this year in so many ways, from losing a job to watching loved ones’ family battle for their life miracles did happen for me and around me this year.

I battled GERD for the first time in my life this year, at some point, it was so discomforting I couldn’t eat the things I loved so much. (Oranges, pineapples, lemonades etc.) GERD is also known as acid reflux is a Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach (oesophagus).

Before I eventually got diagnosed, had numbing COVID-19 panic attacks, whoosh all I can say is truly “don’t google your symptoms” people. 

Wrote about my COVID19 Remote work experience here, you should check it out.

This year, I training content and social media marketing staff of two organisations, joined the team at Jobberman in training fresh graduates in soft skills and partnered with other organisations to upskill graduates in digital marketing. The lesson learnt for is that sometimes you might not know your full capabilities or the extent you can go, till you stretch yourself.

As if the year wouldn’t get any worse, Chadwick Boseman died, pwwwh. Black Panther to me was the best thing since sliced bread. I considered it one of the most influential black history pop-culture moments. It wasn’t just the movie; it was the man behind it. (Lol I still tear up at the mention of his name, even now)

My lowest point this year was during the #EndSARS Lekki Toll Gate massacre, I watched live as fellow youths got massacred, I learnt that:

  • Nigerian politicians are callous and have no interest in changing this country.
  • I also learnt that what brings us together are more than what disperses us.
  • Nigerians have a common enemy regardless of your tribe, religion or social class.

My mental health dipped, I would lay in bed and only hear the voice, tears would follow uncontrollably, and it was tough working my mental health out of it. Physical activity is one way I combat my mental health issues; it works for me and in search of being in a “better place”, I ran my longest this year, 30 kilometres run from Lagos mainland to the Island and back. Then, I went on a 30 day run streak of a minimum of 5 kilometres. 

I reach and surpassed many goals in so many areas, and this I’m super grateful for and pumped to aspire more. One mantra I’m taking into 2021 is to “capitalise on expected or unexpected outcomes”.

Closing this out…

 I have a lot to say, but I think I would stop here, for now, I have a lot to say about what happened this year in career and life, but I’ll share those in a different post. Doing this was me breaking out of the mental state of being unable to write here.

I am grateful for every aspect of my life this year, all that I conquered and won and areas where I came off short but learned valuable lessons. 

Thank for your support, reading, sharing my content and looking forward to 2021.

Happy New Year

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