Things I have to Say About Love on Valentines Day

Inspiration / Sunday, February 14th, 2021

I have something to say about love on valentines day. You see, love is love and love is good. Whether platonic or romantic, lifelong or shortlived; love is good.

We let pain and the hurts of dearly beloved ones change how we love and see love. It would not be great to do such, to define something so beautiful by one incident of pain or hurt.

Pain is part of life, imagine life without it. Maybe we won’t appreciate even know how discouraging life would be but enough if’s and if not’s. We do have love here, and it is ours to make it work for us or against us.

3 Things I Would Say About Love on Valentines Day

Love Yourself First

Self-love has become a social phenomenon. It has hashtags and several marketing campaigns, especially for the beauty and fashion industry, but it is not enough. 

You know why? Well, it is because it is performative while true self-love is not. A famous saying goes “an empty wine jar, cannot give or pour itself into a glass or jar”. We need a filling in ourselves before we can love truly.

Money is essential to platonic and romantic relationships, but forget money for a moment, and you’ll still realise love is about giving. You must be giving yourself, kindness, confidence, joy, and very importantly, your time to your loved ones.

PS: Take gift yourself this valentine’s if you have no one to do so for you. Love is love! 

Love Can Make You Lazy

There’s something about being at peace when in love that crazily makes us give up the cares of this world, especially in romantic relationships. 

Hence, I can genuinely tell you that being in love requires discipline. While in the company of your loved one(s), you’ll need to leave it now and then to respond to other vital areas of life that also makes a living and loving beautiful. If you find love, don’t drop the ball in this area.

PS: You choose to be motivated by it; set higher goals that your loved would celebrate you for.

Love Would Challenge You

We humans are intensely craziest animals that walked the earth. I somehow find it laughable that people think they would love someone (romantic and non-romantic) but won’t disagree.

Come off it (hahaha); you see it is okay to disagree with your partner or loved ones’ world view and realise that, sometimes you might be wrong and they are right and vice-versa.

Love would challenge your humility to learn to communicate better to be understood, to treat people not only how you want to be treated but most importantly, how they want to be treated.

Love is Beautiful: Lastly, nothing explains this and what this point says.

Love is an I and you affair, not a me one!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope you take an active role in loving and being loved from now on.

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