5 Key Influencer Traits to Look-Out For

Online Marketing / Friday, March 13th, 2020

What influencer traits do you be looking out for with the influencers you contract for your marketing campaigns?

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for the past couple of years; it is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. The influencer marketing is here to stay whether you think about it in micro or macro levels. 

Due to the recent clampdown of some Nigerians Influencers (echoes amplifiers) on Twitter, it is always important that when using influencers or amplifiers, you should be strategic to achieve the best out of it. Here, I want to look at key influencer traits you must look out for when hiring or contracting an influencer for your influencer marketing campaigns.

A Job Not Hobby

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If we are being sincere, there’s a level of seriousness and respect you should accord to whatever activity you see as a job rather than a hobby or even when it is both. Hence, it is important to ensure you choose influencer(s) who see their craft as a job, rather than a hobby they treat with levity.

I believe this is largely the high cause of unprofessionalism among some influencers. Some indulge in undignifying acts like bullying, vulgarism, posting nudes and other information. Such content can rub off negatively on a brands identity or the quality of leads for their marketing campaigns.

Takes Creative Control

A great influencer trait is the ability to assume creative control and still represent your brand positively. I once saw a thread by popular beauty and lifestyle influencer Dinmah Umeh reference that organisations and marketing specialists who contract “real influencers” should allow some form of creative control or change of message format to allow the influencers campaign for their brand, resonate with the audience of the influencer and I totally agree with this.

While giving creative control is good, it is also important to be clear on your expectation per messaging to ensure they align with your campaign goals and branding. Nobody wants a nude or tasteless content attached to their hashtag just to trend (except you don’t care but you should).

Campaign Performance

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One of my key practices as a marketing specialist is to constantly optimise my campaigns and ensure I am guided by data to keep on tweaking and improving on results. 

Every influencer you have on your payroll should care about every campaign performance and tracking results because this is how they become better influencers. Having crazy follower counts doesn’t always lead to great conversions/leads depending on your campaign goals. 

Engagement is rather key which is why most smart influencers would rather be proactive in ensuring they have an engaged following rather than high follower counts with very low engagement.

Passionately Niched

Working with influencers who believe in your brand and match your niche is a match “made in heaven”. All things equal, that campaign would gladly be more successful because both their audience, passion and your campaign messages, goals are in perfect-sync.

Humans are emotional beings first and regardless of the monetary value in exchange, influencers who believe in your cause or brand would gladly go above and beyond to ensure the success of your campaign.

Conclusion on Influencer Traits

Influencer marketing is beyond tweeting or posting videos. There’s a need for multiple platform engagement, knowledge of online marketing strategy, SEO, creative copy-writing, storytelling, content creation etc. Nigeria lacks influencers in a bunch of areas/niches and I am looking forward to a time where there are passionate influencers across several sectors. 

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