Instagram Marketing Tips For Success

Online Marketing / Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Having the right Instagram marketing strategy as a small business creates an impact on your goals regardless of what metric you choose is most important to you.

If you ask many small business owners or social media managers, they would inform you that “doing Instagram” is never a walk in the park. Many big businesses are crushing using Instagram as a marketing tool, but you can hit similar success in your niche if you pay attention to the following Instagram tips below.

13 Proven Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Set-Up Your Profile Correctly: Ensure your Instagram page is set-up correctly as a business profile. Go a step further to pick the account type that best describes you, fill out your name and a brief bio to give clarity to your followers and future visitors.

Pro-Hack: If you are a wig maker and sell hair, change your name on Instagram to something that includes those keywords, this helps you rank in search engines. Also, mimic the same on your profile.

2. Check Your Analytics: Instagram offers you some analytics to your profile. This feature can give further insights on; who is following and engaging with you, your best post times, audience location and more.

Pro-Hack: Optimise your posting calendar, brand voice as well as your content based on the information. Use it for weekly reporting to check your progress and what is working or not.

3. Post Frequently: Consistency is a keyword for success on Instagram. You can achieve this with a posting calendar after researching your content types and what works.

Pro-Hack: Instagram is a visual platform, don’t forget this. Be smart with your text-design content on Instagram. In my experience, they engage less compared to photos.

4. Use Instagram Stories: According to 99Firms, one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. Stories perform far better than posts for some small business.

Pro-hack: Do both Instagram posts and stories, but if you want to keep an engaged audience always, post stories daily. It will impact your page impressions and engagement.

5. Create Videos: Small businesses find doing video tasking, but the secret is to get creative with the tools you have. You can use apps like Canva to create engaging video text quotes, a quality phone and camera in a low noise environment and good lighting will also do the work.

6. Host a Contest, not Giveaway: Giveaways are the go-to strategy for many businesses, but very often they get disappointed from doing it, especially when there’s an expectation for sales during or afterwards. The similarities are there, but doing a contest will benefit your brand more.

7. Engage With Your Users: Engage with your community by replying messages, questions and comments ASAP. Endeavour to also engage with them on their Instagram posts that require such; celebrate them during events anniversaries or birthdays.

8. Optimise Hashtag Use: Instagram allows about a maximum limit of 30 hashtags for each post, but the best strategy is to limit your use to about under 15 hashtags. This way, Instagram Algorithms would not flag and degrade your content for being spammy. Use hashtags that are on-brand and related to your business, product, service and location. You would rank better for this.

9. Trends: A trending topic or challenge is always an opportunity to improve your brand reach, sell your products, grow your following and engagement. Ensure not to jump on every trend, as this can become a negative attribute for your brand, be original and find ways to spin such content to fit your brand. 

10. Host a Live Video: You can host a live video with a guest or by using to share tips, new product announcements or exciting news. With Instagram’s latest update, this means that you can share your live video as an Instagram TV content. Always use guests who are subject matter experts for topics and with a decent following.

11. Influencer Marketing: Always research your choice influencers to ensure you have a fit audience when adopting this strategy either for TOM or sales. It is best to go with influencers who have a similar niche as your business.

12. Paid Advertising: Most small businesses do not like to hear about the paid ad strategy, but the truth is if you are looking to have more sales and business reach, this option should be on the table.

Pro-Hack: Carefully study and pick the right audience targeting to test, then stick with what works and optimise often. Please, do not target everyone because it is usually wasteful.

13. User-Generated Content: Adopt the strategy of repurposing user-generated content as a part of your Instagram content strategy. UGC’s can come in the form of testimonials or reviews but make sure to credit their sources.

Instagram does influence customers when making purchase decisions. Optimising it with these Instagram marketing tips can help you to attain your business goals.

Which of the Instagram marketing tips above was new or your favourite, kindly share a comment below.

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