Facebook Live: Job Search and Career Success

Career Advice / Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Job search and career success, I held my first Facebook Live series session for the year. In the 5 days Facebook Live, I focused on different topics and tips that would guide from getting a job, getting interviewed to finding the job and sustaining it by building a personal brand career.

There are 5 live recorded videos below, please get your note pads out and I hope these insights and tips make the difference for your job search & career success. Watch and share this, thanks.

Job Search & Choosing A Career: The Facts

I discussed mind-blowing job search facts that are not meant to scare you but to educate and empower you not to be “lousy” about your job search and career. Watch now:

Day 1: Job Search & Choosing Your Career; The Facts.

Posted by Princewill Akuma on Monday, January 27, 2020
Facebook Live playlist

Day 1: Job Search & Choosing Your Career; The Facts.

Day 2: Your job search, CV and career profile.

Day 3: Job application and interview tactics; my winning hacks.

Day 4: Starting a new job and building a career; top tips to live by!

Day 5: Personal brand, Networking for career professionals – Q&A

Conclusion on Job Search and Career Success

job search and career success

Job search is a job. To eventually find one and go on to grow your career, you will need to take every aspect very seriously. Getting a job alone is not enough. The epitome of it all is to build a career for yourself, thank you for watching all the videos. I wish you career success and looking forward to hearing your success story, please don’t forget to share it with me when it happens.

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