LinkedIn Pressure: How to Manage Resentfulness

Career Advice / Friday, June 12th, 2020

LinkedIn pressure is an actual thing, whether you believe it or not. Your inability as a professional or entrepreneur to manage your resentfulness of other people’s success might affect your success or use of the LinkedIn platform. 

In helping professionals optimise their LinkedIn profile, I have encountered early-years and C-Suite professionals. These people do not actively use LinkedIn because of frequent updates that “feel untrue” to them or other practices they feel do not align with their worldview of what a professional LinkedIn activity of other users should be.

Speaking about LinkedIn pressure, a user posted “Today, “I got a scholarship”, tomorrow “I raised N100M”, the next “Just got an invite to speak at an international conference Kutuwenji”. Pressure. Your goal could be to live a quiet life without debts, have a happy home and friends you can rely on. That’s valid too.”

If LinkedIn pressure keeps you stuck on how to use the platform or feel off about the truth of other users’ over-glossed or falsified success stories. This might be related to a deeper issue of how you handle or resent other people’s success. You need to remember that being reactionary to the things you can’t control, would keep you stuck and filled with a lot of negative vibes.

It would be best if you never allowed LinkedIn pressure to hold you back, quite frankly your feelings are valid but let us take a look at how you can overcome these pressures.

Define What Success Means

An age-old definition of success I love to reference says that “success is the good or bad outcome of an undertaking”. You need to realise why you are on LinkedIn, what your goal is, how and when are you trying to achieve it, and what are the lessons for you from attaining it or not? These questions and the activity of defining what success means to you would help you focus on what matters most, that is you.

Change Your World View

Comparison steals our joy. According to Jonathan McReynolds song titled “Comparison Kills”. He sings “pressure gets hot, and with heat comes mirages, so you think it’s cool over there, your thirst is real, but water can’t fill, what comparison kills”. Change your world view and stop empowering the activity or success of others to deter you from appreciating yours. We all desire to be successful, even the successful desire more victory, but you need to understand that your journey is unique and so is that of others, change your world view and stop being affected by this.

Don’t Put Down Others

We can feel jealous sometimes and ask ourselves why isn’t it happening for me? Although, I must acknowledge that this can occur with no evil intent from the individual, but it often leads to putting others down, and we need to take into account as while their intentions might not be our assumptions. Some people are just living their authentic lives. We need to learn not to assume people are falsifying their success by practising gratitude.

Stop Trying to Determine How Others Live

When you let go of your being controlling or entitled, life gets easier. One of the ways to hack LinkedIn pressure is to let go of your desire to control outcomes, like what people are sharing, the validity or truthfulness of it and the lack of content among other examples. Let go and let it be. This helps you to focus on achieving your defined aims of being on LinkedIn like finding a job, networking, mentorship, research, hiring talent, thought leadership, building an online CV/brand etc.

Conclusion on LinkedIn Pressure

Social media pressure is real, and LinkedIn as a platform for professionals makes the pressure no different, heck if not worse. I want to state that whatsoever your reasons are for being pressured, don’t let it deter you from achieving your goals on LinkedIn.

One of the things that I have found helpful in managing social media pressure for me is meditating, practising gratitude and focusing on myself. LinkedIn has been a crucial part of my career development and personal growth; please don’t let LinkedIn pressure keep you from your success on the platform.

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