My 2021 Round-Up: Top Defining Moments

Inspiration / Friday, December 31st, 2021

I have so many things to be grateful for, but for my 2021 round-up, I want to look back and document a few defining moments this year. 

Documenting my journey privately and publicly (while private) is very important. It helps me look back on days when I am low and say to myself, “if you have come this far, you can go further”. I believe motivation should first be internal than external; It helps you balance factors mitigating against you staying inspired if you can balance elements that impact both sides.

If you read my 2020 review, you’ll remember I battled GERD and a lot of mental health trauma; I can boldly say this has been better with all about COVID and its variants happening out there. I want to mention that despite the fears and rumour mongering, I paid no mind to it and took COVID-19 Vaccine; lol I haven’t started barking or turned zombie. It has been a year with many defining moments. Take a look at my 2021 round-up; here are the top defining moments that shaped

1. Fitness Journey: I resumed the year with my highest running record since I started running consistently a few years ago. Cardio exercise is my go-to physical activity to combat mental health and stress. My on the journey of being consistent this year; knee pain kicked in, and it was excruciating. I took some time off to heal and found different massage therapies that helped. 

I’m not too fond of the gym, but I took my partner suggestion of giving the gym a try; little by little, I became consistent and started to enjoy being at the gym. I have seen the results, and in 2022, I’ll continue this journey, no stopping now.

Lesson: Be open to changing your plan or adopting new ideologies to reach your goal. 

Watch: Enjoyed these thoughts…🤘❤️🌻

2. Job Role Change, Challenges and Wins: My previous employer restructured and changed my job role in March this year. It was quite a struggle, and I was ready to leave the same month. 

I told myself not to quit; despite the challenges, what are the lessons. I eventually stayed on longer, helped my team pioneer the first virtual Top Talent edition. Super thankful for everyone I met and worked with during this phase.

3. Clocking 21 With Dem Boys: A Yoruba proverb says, “Twenty children can’t play together for twenty years.”, not to say it’s false or true, but I want to take time out here to celebrate these boys now men that I have known from 21 years. 

my 2021 round-up

4. Resignation and Finding Rest: I was ready for a new challenge, but first, I needed to rest, take stock and refresh my mind and self-image. Most professionals don’t acknowledge that being on the job can batter your physical and mental health.

So, I went to my Business Director, informed him of my decision and took the leap. I had no job offers, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right, but I had the gut feeling that I needed a deserving rest to recalibrate before deciding what to do next. Hence, I exited my role in September, and the rest began.

5. Going Blonde: The first morning I woke up without having to go to any job, attend meetings, or think about a business strategy or marketing tactics was empowering but weird, lol. I guess it was because, for the past six years since exiting djing to build a career in digital marketing, I had just gone from a job to a job. 

A few months before I thought of resigning, I asked myself what would go blonde be? I mentioned it to my partner; she laughed, and we made jokes about how the professional me would never. On this faithful day, I woke up, went to my barber for the past five years and said, IK, this is what I want; he was shocked and hesitant.

Before this abrupt decision, I had taken a self-evaluation test, read up on reinventing yourself; while I didn’t know if this was right, the feeling of not knowing made me decide to do it and to be honest, it was one of the best things I did this year. It’s helped me change my perception and image; it has reminded me that you’re more than the judgement people have of you. Keep going.

6. Joining Octamile and Brand Launch:

And Octamile happened… 

Lol, how and where do I even start to explain it.

Three weeks into my rest, a former senior colleague reached to me via Twitter, we spoke extensively, and after two chats about the brand and what he was building, I resumed on November 1st; my rest just ended.

I decided to join Octamile because it was a grey area for me and a considerable challenge. We got to work fast to plan for the launch, hire people for the content marketing team I lead and other departments, and the journey has been nothing but excellent so far.

Octamile is an insurtech startup, and we are building solutions for insurers and non-insurance businesses to simplify access to insurance across Africa. If you are building solutions or running a company that needs to embed insurance for your customers, reach out to me happy to talk. 

Super grateful to Gbenro Dara, CEO/Founder of Octamile; thank you for the support and trust.

7. Getting Engaged: Christmas Eve will forever have a new meaning to me. I deceived my partner for a pre-planned anniversary photoshoot, got a yes, and smiled so hard.

Loving and being loved is a great thing; our relationship has been nothing short of beautiful for the past few years. Kindness, respect, support, understanding and being inspired to be better fill me up with greater joy.

Happy to be here♥️😂.

my 2021 round-up

Closing: I am thankful for every career professional and business owner who reached me for value in one form or another this year. Thank you for taking a bet on me. I can’t forget the feeling of guiding someone through the process of landing a job in a Big 4 Consulting firm. I have done so much for myself and the people in my corner this year. I do not take that grace for granted.

In several situations, God came through for me, took risks that led to huge wins or misses but learned vital lessons. I am in a great place at this point in my life, my journey hasn’t been easy, but I am more encouraged to forge ahead. Despite my failures this year, I’m more resilient now than ever and can’t wait for what 2022 holds.

I wish you a Happy New Year and the best of 2022; cheers!

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