My Night’s Watch Ends

Inspiration / Friday, May 22nd, 2020

All of life’s journey has a beginning and an end, my night’s watch at Jobberman & ROAM has come to an end today Friday 22nd May 2020. (Game of Thrones fam would relate😂)

I arrived here on 26th September 2016 to learn more, grow more and do some more amazing work. Looking back I can say I have achieved that and more.

Resumed as a Community Manager for Jobberman then went to manager Cheki & Private Property Nigeria brands. Challenging myself further, I grew through the ranks to become a Senior Marketing Specialist at ROAM and Community Marketing lead for ROAM brands across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

I didn’t just grow as a Marketing Specialist while here but grew my passion and knowledge of helping career professionals find answers for their career. Among everything that happened those moments of seeing a job seeker go from unbelief to finding a job was the most fulfilling emotion for me.

I have so many personal and team achievements while here, it been an amazing time filled with innovation, unlearning and relearning to serve customers better. I want to say a very big thank you to everyone I worked directly with, everyone who helped me achieve all I did while here, everyone who helped forge me into who I am today both those who are still here and those who are long gone before me, thank you.

I am exiting here better than I met it, that alone gives me joy. I wish the Jobberman/ROAM team the very best for the coming months and years. I look forward to the future now for my next journey and growth. but in the meantime, I am available for new opportunities, consulting and collaborations.


12 Replies to “My Night’s Watch Ends”

  1. thanks for being a blessing to all of us at COHORT10 Jobberman softskill class. we will miss you so much, however you are always going to be a click away.

    1. I would miss you all as well, but I am always here. Thank you and keep being on the path you’re on, super proud of you.

  2. Wishing you the very best Pakuma. Working with you was always a pleasure. Your passion for growth and undying hunger for learning will never be forgotten. Looking forward to more wins for you. For now, get the rest you deserve and when you’re ready to hit the the road again, stay true to the elements that define you. Stay safe Brother.

  3. You are an exceptional leader and teacher. Jobberman software skills training gave me the privilege to seat under your tutelage as a student and I must confess; The three weeks was indeed brought about exponential growth in my interpersonal skills. Thank you Princewill aka Mentor of life! See you at the Top!

    1. It feels so great to have come in contact with you in the jobberman Soft Skills training . 3weeks in that class has been fantastic with your teachings. Thank you for been a great leader. Wishing you success in your career and future endeavors.

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