Tips for Starting Where You Are and With What You Have

Inspiration, Live Session / Monday, January 25th, 2021

Starting where you are and with what you have is a simple but complex concept we often overlook.

I wanted to start creating weekly video content a couple of years ago. So, I bought a ZTE phone, the camera quality was HD, but I didn’t do much until miscreants stole the phone (lol). Changed my phone twice since that incident and I am now working on changing my inertia in this area.

Have you had a similar experience of wanting to do something but you never quite get started? What or who do you blame for this; yourself, people or circumstances?

Do you realise that you are enough, unique, and so are your experiences…?

If you do, why do you still struggle with starting where you are and with what you have?

Do you want to hear the truth?

You can only course-correct or learn from things that happen or begin, but you shy away from starting. Maybe it is money; it is perhaps situations beyond your control, perhaps you don’t have time?

Are you done with excuses, do you feel comforted now?

Whether it is with our career, relationship or goals; this concept is crucial to get ahead in life and live with fewer regrets.

As Mark Twain rightly puts it, “the secret to getting ahead is getting started”.

When I look back at making a career change or conquering mental health battles I faced for several years, defeating all that and still being here is because I started where I was and with what I have.

Most times, we let our brain and lack of confidence trick us to thinking we need certain things to make the progress we desire. Truth is you already have all it takes, stop doing that to yourself.

I shared tips on achieving this on my an Instagram Live Session, if you give me 25 minutes of your time, I’ll show you how to get started where you are and what you have.

6 Tips for Starting Where You Are and With What You Have

  1. Stop Procrastinating
  2. The Right Time is a Myth
  3. Don’t Be a Perfection “Whore”
  4. Make Do with the Available.
  5. Be willing to take the Leap; Let Go!
  6. Use the Course- Correct Strategy
starting where you are

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