Brand Use-Cases For Twitter Voice Feature

Online Marketing / Thursday, June 18th, 2020

The Twitter voice feature just got launched. Many users have approved of it, while others have complained about Twitter not giving users the edit feature. 

Regardless of which side of the coin you are for or against. I believe this new Twitter voice feature is here to stay and for many of us marketers or entrepreneurs, the question largely is how would you implement this feature to your benefit?

One of my adopted go-to strategies for social media marketing is to use new features to grow brand reach, following and engagement. It has worked for several brands I have managed in the past. Doing this has helped me grow online communities; Facebook by over 60% in 15 months and LinkedIn page at over 700% in 2 years to mention a few. 

Thinking of how to implement the Twitter voice feature? Take a look at some of the possible use case examples I have shared below to help you implement it for your brands; personal or organisational.

All You Need To Know About Twitter Voice Feature

The all-new Twitter voice feature has a similar time frame as videos of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The feature is only presently rolled out to few iOS users. 

In a statement on Twitter’s official blog “creating voice Tweets will be available to a limited group of people on Twitter for iOS to start, but in the coming week’s everyone on iOS should be able to Tweet with their voice“.

Further stated in the announcement Tweet, “You can Tweet a Tweet. But now you can Tweet your voice”. As marketers or users, we may have to re-imagine Twitter, not just as a micro-blogging platform but as well a “micro-podcasting” platform.

twitter voice feature
Source: Twitter

Possible Use-Cases for Twitter Voice Feature

1. For Brand Storytelling: I believe this feature further helps humanise and amplify your brand voice and messaging depending on your implementation. For organisations in Finance, the Twitter voice can be a quick go-to for announcing and informing your audience for daily stock market performance and sharing quick tips.

2. Re-Imagining Tweet Chats: This feature can help marketers and businesses re-imagine Tweet chats into micro-podcasting conversations. With this, your questions to the guest would respond with the Twitter voice feature. More can be said in 2 minutes 20 seconds vs 280 characters. I would also love to see Twitter add another feature update to the Twitter Voice feature, where audio-Tweets in a thread can be listened to by users like a continuous playlist.

3. Product or Feature Announcement: The growth of audio in marketing via podcasting, audiobooks or voice search over the last couple of years has been immense. A study by Gartner projects that 30% of all website sessions would include voice search in 2020. I believe it is as a result of audio being more convenient or less distracting when compared to video or other formats of content marketing. 

4. Customer Service: For certain customer service information to your audience, Twitter voice feature presents an opportunity for clarity of messages. Marketing teams and customer service teams need to come together to agree on use cases; for example, explaining how to navigate a website feature etc.

5. For Brand Giveaways: The feature can get implemented for brand competitions or giveaways. Post a tongue twister or quiz and ask your audience to respond only via this feature. The winner would emerge by metrics like who has the best answer as well as other engagement metrics like views and retweets.

Conclusion on Twitter Voice Feature

I had stated I would love to see a feature that enables listening to tweets on a thread like a playlist. I think this makes for a better user experience. Eventually, Twitter Voice feature might be a move for Twitter to serve ads on its platform as this feature allows for original content, unlike the video posting feature. Time would tell how it plays out.

I mentioned earlier that engagement is usually high for new social media across different platforms. This is also true of this new Twitter feature if you’ve observed the high engagement rates, witnessed for users who currently have access within the first 12 hours of its release.

I would love to hear what you think of this feature and how you would use it, leave a comment below

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