Why You Should Not Blog On Medium

Online Marketing / Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses use Medium as their go-to blogging platform for several reasons. Some of it is because Medium is a quick fix solution, the UI looks great, but perhaps you should not be blogging on Medium there are several reasons why.

I recently posted a tweet after having a conversation with an entrepreneur I advised in 2019 to ignore the Medium route and get a blog for their business. My reason was that their business would benefit from SEO and organic traffic. Less than a year later, they have started seeing the benefits in their site traffic and rankings.

So, what are those benefits of not using Medium as your only go-to blogging platform, let us take a look at them.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Medium

1. Building Email Lists: Medium is not optimised to enhance your email lists building. An entrepreneur or small business, email is still your best channel for conversions. According to a report, the average email conversion rate in 2020 is 21.33%, this was why Despreneur Magazine said “email is still the king. It is 80% in the 80/20 rule. Quite literally. We are seeing anywhere from x25 to x10 when directly comparing email and social media in terms of clicks generated”. Using other content management systems like WordPress allows you to implement better email lists building strategy.


2. Loss of Domain Authority and SEO Benefits: The traffic your business or brand generates via Medium does not add up your domain authority in search engines. The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This impacts negatively on your business or brand’s relevance when algorithms are trying to rank you because the SEO authority goes to Medium than your website. This means that all those SEO benefits from your content do not go to your domain name and brand.

3. Poor For Lead Generation: I know many marketers this puts off when it comes to Medium, yes you can be creative about generating leads via it but the Medium platform does not have any in-built lead generation tools for ensuring quality and consistent quality leads. As an entrepreneur or small business, you will agree with me leads are important to sustaining business.

4. Limited Analytics: The analytics offered on Medium is limiting. Well-integrated analytics to your blog core would help you understand your audience better, what content they are interacting with best on your platform and who the audience-set are. Yes, the platform does offer a good range of analytics but this is nothing when compared to Google Analytics.

5. Advertising and Promotion: Medium focuses on people and a clean reading experience so your advertising and in most cases any form of promotion would not be possible for you. You can join the Medium partner program which monetizes your content every time readers clap on it but compared to other monetisation available on CMS like WordPress, you would agree this is a bit limited.

6. Less Control: Rebranding is a great part of the entrepreneurial or small business journey. Medium offers you less control as it comes as a generic tool for blogging.

Final Thoughts

I have seen startups and entrepreneurs in Nigeria make this mistake and wish they could have used it differently in their marketing strategy. Medium does offer users exposure and great content management. There is no doubt it is a great platform for blogging but if you are an entrepreneur or business playing the long term of SEO, using Medium as your go-to the platform might not be the best content marketing strategy. 

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